13 Things That Happen When All Your Friends Are Getting Married While You’re Still Single!

You grow up with a bunch of friends while making new ones, but nothing prepares you for the announcement that they are getting hitched.

What? It was just yesterday that you guys were checking out hotties and getting wasted at the club, and now they’ve become grown ups. Holy crap! While they’re running around preparing for their big fat Bollywood shaadis, this is you:


1. Invitations galore.

Whether its a card or just telephone call, you’re tired of hearing your friends tell you how excited they to be engaged and how much they want you to be there at their wedding. Suddenly you’re the black sheep of the flock. You apparently missed the mating season altogether.

What’s worse is, when everyone wants to know when you’re getting hitched and you have no clue.


2. Facebook updates.

While close friends will invite you, Facebook friends who don’t care about your existence will be busy updating their relationship status, single/in a relationship/it’s complicated will turn into ‘engaged’ like a chain reaction. All you can do is stare at your screen, blankly cursing yourself for thinking that person would never find someone to settle down in life with.


3. You sense a maturity gap coming on.

Marriage is a huge step in life and it requires an amount of readiness that comes with maturity. With all your friends tying the knot, you do feel as if you’re still the kid in your circle where everyone else has grown up and moved on.

You start questioning how they managed to reach the next phase of adult life so fast. While you’re still floundering around with what it means to be an independent young adult.


4. Questioning your priorities.

Where am I in life now? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go from here? These are just some things you wonder while you see your friends moving on. Do you want to solely focus on your career, do you want to study further or are you just happy where you are, are some thoughts that will plague your mind. Is getting married all just a hype or is it really something you need to finally settle down.


5. Popping the question to bae.

If you’re already dating someone, you wonder if the two of you are ready to tie the knot. It’s human nature to follow the crowd, so why feel left out? But then again, how long have you’ll been together? And have you ever talked about marriage and where you want the relationship to go?

You don’t want to be rejected or scandalise bae, but you do consider how rosy it would be to tell all your married friends that you are joining the club too.


6. You reaffirm and embrace your single-hood.

Enough of the insecurity, being alone is not as bad a thing as society has made it out to be. That special person will come someday, but for now it just makes sense to enjoy the freedom of being single, because God alone knows, you’ll miss it when you’re taken.

You attend singles-only parties and start hanging out with people who do not have significant others. Bro’s-before-hoes or chicks-before-dicks for however long it lasts!


7. Your weekends are pretty much to yourself.

If your single friends are busy, it’s pretty pointless to even persuade your engaged/married friend to hang out with minus his/her fiance/spouse. Family commitments or wedding preparations keep them busy through the weekend and after they have kids plus annoying in-laws, you will probably never see them again.


8. You are genuinely happy for them.

Even if you hated the person they are marrying, you can’t help feeling happy for them. It’s their big day and its been something they have always been looking forward to. You know you’re not a part of it but OMG they grow so fast! *doting bff expression*


9. Thought of not knowing anyone at the wedding intimidates you.

You just know the bride/groom and their parents. Everyone else who’s going to be present is just a stranger and probably going to keep asking who you, “the intruder/outsider”, are.


10. Your friend offers to hook you up with someone who’s looking for a husband/wife.


11. You are tired of telling everyone why you are the only single person in your friends circle.

All the elders want to know why you’re the poor soul who’s being left out and has to attend all these weddings day after day. You yourself wonder how you managed to come up with an answer and thank the almighty when there are no further enquiries.


12. Your parents are looking for a suitable partner.

Forget about what you’re feeling, your parents are more insecure that you’re the only one left. With or without your consent, there’s a matrimonial website profile in your name and they are screening prospective dulhans/dulhas day and night. If you already have someone in mind, well and good, otherwise, “suitable” matches will be walking in and out of their home like a train station.


13. You realise you better start looking for good deals on formal attire

So you’re invited to several weddings, good thing its still early wedding season when some good deals are still available. Time to snap them up, because one good thing about being single is, you can still spend on yourself.



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