Amitabh Bachan Launches Celebrity Video Blogging App ‘Wakau’

In a quest to constantly keep his fans abreast of his activities and surroundings, megastar Amitabh Bachchan will now let his “extended family” into his candid thoughts and moments via freemium celebrity video blogging app Wakau.

The 73-year-old, an avid user of social media platforms that bring him closer to his fans, launched Wakau Oct. 29.

Talking about this association, Bachchan told IANS: “It’s very unique. It’s an application that needs to be downloaded on your smartphone, and, once you download the application, you get a list of various celebrities that are on Wakau.

“You can punch in your favorite celebrity, and they will speak on various issues… they could be very intimate conversations, important moments in their lives, or they could do a tour of their house.”

He said this “is just another fantastic facility for celebrities to be able to interact with well-wishers and fans.”


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