Gartner says India represents a $7 billion digital commerce market

While digital commerce accounts for less that 1% of retail sales in India, it remains a fast-growing market and Gartner Inc expects it to grow at 40% every year. Accordingly, in order to grow their business, Indian digital commerce players must focus on customer experience, product range, delivery, payment and customer service Gartner says.

“Digital commerce is at a nascent stage in India, and it accounts for less than 1 percent of total retail sales in 2015. However, India is one of the fastest-growing digital commerce markets in Asia/Pacific,” said managing vice president at Gartner Gene Alvarez,. “India represents a $7 billion market, growing at more than 40 percent every year. Currently B2C commerce leads the market in India, while B2B is limited to organizations that drive online sales while trying to cut costs in dealing with their partners and distributors.”

Mobile commerce is a primary channel for digital commerce in India. Over 40% of digital commerce transactions came from a mobile device in 2014, and it is likely to exceed 50% in 2015. Due to the low Internet penetration in India, the country is leapfrogging the PC, and consumers are using mobile as the primary channel for online shopping


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